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Corporate & Team Building

Our Group Team Building Challenges

  • Cupcake Wars 
  • Sugar Animal Modeling
  • Gingerbread House Decorating
  • Showstopper Cakes

Selection of prizes awarded for the best, funniest etc.

A motivated, happy and focused work force is going to be so much more productive and cost effective. A pay rise, more holidays or an array of perks can help keep everyone motivated or give them an extra boost at a difficult time but another winner, when done right, is a team-bonding or fun, training session.

If your company is based in south Suffolk or north Essex then you have a superb, unique and fun chance to put a smile on your work-force’s collective face, right on your doorstep.

The Outrageous Cake Academy combines the enjoyment and thrill of decorating cakes with a relaxed environmental to share views and ideas and you get a tasty reward at the end of it.

Bespoke sessions are held at the Suffolk Food Hall, refreshments can be included while other facilities at the Cookhouse are available.

Cupcake Wars

In this group a theme will be chosen,(a small demonstration  will be given to show some techniques and ideas), we will then divide the group into teams. Each team will  have to bake or be given a selection of cupcakes and have to decorate them making a design that encompasses the theme given. All products and equipment are supplied. They will be given a few minutes to draw up a plan of action and then organise the team to work on their project. The team will be given a time limit to achieve and present their finished theme. At the end the groups will be judged by independent judges. 

Sugar Animal Modeling

This is for a group wanting work as individuals. The group will be given a short demonstration with hints and tips on model making in sugar. Then each person has to design their animal. (Any type real or fantasy with explanation). Sugar paste and decorations will be supplied as required. At the end the individuals will be judged by independent judges. 

Gingerbread House Decorating

A gingerbread house construction is required by each group along with its surroundings. They will be given the gingerbread house sections with a short explanation on how to construct the house. The team will then build and decorate it using a selection of products provided. This project will have a time constraint with winner to be decided at the end. The groups will be judged by independent judges.

Showstopper Cakes

A more in-depth team building event. Firstly the group will be divided into small teams, they will have to pick a project leader, design they showstopper from a theme already designated. They will then proceed to making their ideas come to fruition.  A time limit is given to do this. An explanation of the showstopper will be required at the end.  The groups will be judged by independent judges. All products, equipment, needed to make their display along with some specialist advice and short demonstrations will be given