Wedding cakes

Generally, most of our wedding cakes can be delivered and set up by ourselves and we feel this is an important part of our service. We like to make sure that your wedding cake is in our control for as long as possible. We don’t have a delivery charge on our wedding cakes within a 20 mile radius of our studio. Delivery charges will apply to venues beyond that radius at a rate of 60p per mile each way. 

​Celebration cakes

Most celebration cakes are supplied on a collection only basis. When you collect your cake, it will be supplied in a sturdy box suitable for transport, and advice will be given.  We recommend transporting cakes in the boot of your car if possible, (the box will be larger than the cake itself). Delivery charges will apply at 60p per mile each way

​Please Note: That in extreme weather conditions, such as heavy snow or flooding we may not be able to reach your venue or consider it too dangerous to deliver. Whilst your delivery charge will be refunded, we will not be held liable for non delivery in these circumstances, and recommend you take out wedding insurance to cover such an eventuality.