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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy governs and describes how gathers, stores, uses and discloses your personal information. By using and booking a class website, you signify The Outrageous Cake Company that you agree and give permission to be bound by this policy. This privacy policy applies to and any sub domains of that website.

Browsing the site does not require you to give any personal information, but if you wish to book and pay for a class, you are required to give us some basic personal information about yourself.

What Information Do We Gather?

In order for you to use the site as it was intended, we may now or in future collect and store the following personal information:

  • Name, address, postcode, email address, telephone number
  • Username and Password (encrypted)
  • Correspondence sent to in the form of emails and feedback

Other Information That We Gather & Store, That Is Not Personal To You

  • General website usage statistics such as unique visitors, page views and browser information
  • Advertising data and click through data
  • Site traffic data for visitors coming to and from this website

Our Use Of Your Information

The Outrageous Cake Company is committed to keeping your data safe and secure. Our primary use of the data we collect is to provide our students with an exceptional service. We may use your information for the following purposes: 

  • To customize and improve the service we currently offer
  • To notify you of any changes to the service we provide or terms and conditions
  • To notify you of new classes, and to confirm certain actions that you undertake within the site

We do not sell our users data to any third parties for marketing purposes, however we may from time to time choose to work with a third party company to perform functions on our behalf such as email services and postal services. They would be given access to your data to perform the function but they are prohibited from using this data in any other way. 

We may also disclose your information to another business should we decide to merge with or be acquired by another business. If this should happen, this policy will continue to remain in force. If your information will be used in contrary to this policy, then we will notify you of our intentions.

Whenever we transfer personal information in the course of sharing information as set out in this policy, we will ensure that the information is transferred in accordance with this privacy policy and in accordance with the UK Data Protection Act.

Use of Cookies

A cookie is a file that is transferred to your computer when you interact with our website. This enables our server to recognize you when you come back to visit us, and for us to personalize your experience. The Outrageous Cake may use cookies for navigation of the site and to keep you logged in, in future. You can disable your cookies if you wish, but this may result in certain features not functioning correctly. 

Email Communication

We have an email notification system where you can choose to sign up for email notifications such as newsletters and offers. We will provide you with the ability to subscribe and unsubscribe as you wish from these mailing lists in your account area. However, it is not possible to opt out of receiving important emails from regarding your account, such as:

  • Booking confirmation email
  • Legal notices and changes to our terms and conditions

Third Parties

This Policy covers the collection, storage and use of your personal information that you disclose to us only. If you disclose your personal information to another user or third party, you do so of your own free will, and you accept that a third party may apply a different policy to the handling of your data. We do not control, nor do we accept responsibility for the data that you disclose to other users and third parties, so we encourage you to ask questions before you disclose any such information so ensure your safety. 

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